Oliwer Lion

is a fashion company born with a social corporate responsibility.

Firmly rooted in the south parts of Sweden we make state-of-art products to  save the deminishing wild lion population

We love Lions — and high end fashion,

and that’s how we were born.

Now we recognize as the first and only brand that makes an effort to end the decline of wild lions.

Our mission is to elevate our purpose and to bring our customers elegant high quality accessories, carefully designed to match scandinavian minimalism.

The Story

“Our passion sets the standard for the company’s beautiful cause”

We at Oliwer Lion believe that every small effort counts and measures into something bigger. In a world where we are more aware about the consequences of our actions, we strive to make our cause a business model to influence.

-“Our passion is our legacy, our ability to leave behind us a better world. We wanted to combine entrepreneurship with products that sports luxury and sustainability. At the same time we set an example; with the company’s corporate social responsibility.”

And that’s how Oliwer Lion was born, two young entrepreneurs with big heart.

All started 2016 in the sea of microbrands, where we managed to find ourselves a unique niche.

We researched the market where we found that Kickstarter would be the best option to prove the brand strong.

Oliwer Lion proves that beauty is not shallow, but something deep, elegant and with timeless qualities. The objects we surround ourselves with today must sustain the wear of the eye.

The connection to LionAid is a dream come true. We really feel the uplift of every product we sell and the direct impact it has on the wild lion population.

We contribute 5% of the sale for every product we sell, a unique relationship which is the first on the market. We follow LionAid’s journey every day, where we see a complete change and upswing.

We see it as our virtue to supply the market with a collection of products that are created with love, passion and timelessness