3 Founders, 1 Dream

We are three young entrepreneurs from the well known Sydkusten, Skåne, Sweden. For a long time we have thought about creating a business and a brand where we could both incorporate our love for animals and for endless fashion.

In the summer of 2015 the idea was born. We wanted to create something that we all shared a lot of passion for, daily fashion.
The idea behind the design was to have a simple and cleanyet very elegant and stylish looking wristwatch, which could also be used for every occasion.

OliwerLion ♥ Charity

We at Oliwer Lion believe that every small effort counts and measures into something BIGGER, therefore we established a healthy connection to LionAid.

So why LionAid?

The usual way of conserving animals has not worked so well which is why LionAid was created

When you want to support lions then support LionAid, because they’re making a real difference.

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Born with crowdfunding

OliwerLion is the result of what happends when you gather all the love on the internet. 6th of July marks the day that OliwerLion was born. That’s the day that our Kickstarter campaign ended, got us funded and ultimately brought us to life.

Elegance – Simplicity – teamwork

The elegance of a watch is something that is very hard to find in anything else and therefore we decided to create an accessory that works in your everyday life just as good as it does on your adventures.

With our knowledge in graphic design, sales, marketing and fashion combined, we were able to create a high quality product suited for everyone, with a great purpose.